About Immersia


IMMERSIA is born after observation and the love for the cultural nexus that develops language learning between people. IMMERSIA is the answer to the need of many people to breathe and live, enjoy while still climbing the frenetic train of competitiveness and personal growth. IMMERSIA is here to fill the souls of those who want to expand their horizons, acquiring new language skills, or improving those already existing, but never forgetting that we are in this world to be happy.

The possibilities to learn Spanish as a foreign language are as rich and varied as the language itself. Spain has beautiful corners full of history, culture and natural frameworks that only the truly adventurous and travelers will be willing to meet, and our job is to make the journey easier for you.

our job is to make the journey of learning Spanish easier for you

Your team

The team behind IMMERSIA is composed of people who have lived through the academic effort of learning a foreign language. The globalized world in which we live demands highly qualified professionals that sometimes we forget how beautiful our days and lifes are.

IMMERSIA is about all that, the awareness of what we need during our learning process, the existence of select destinations carefully chosen for you. With IMMERSIA we want to give you the opportunity to improve your language skills and live some of the best weeks of your lives. IMMERSIA aims to respond to this need, to satisfy the desire to win a future with joy and fun.

Marcos Fernández Perelló

Public relations and Founder

The entire team that makes up IMMERSIA has had foreign language learning experience as part of their academic life. We all have participated in programs abroad and have always had some complications and the programs did not meet the needs of our learning process. That is why we joined together to create exclusive, high quality programs that allow all people who learn Spanish live an unforgettable experience that guarantees a solid, fast and effective learning, with everything that other agencies cannot offer you.

Each student is the center of our programs. No program is identical, everything is built around their tastes and illusions. IMMERSIA guarantees you an exclusive, personalized and close treatment. You will always count on my support during your stay or with that of any other IMMERSIA partner.