Somewhere in La Mancha, in a place whose name I do not care to remember ...

Belonging to the region of Campo de Montiel, province of Ciudad Real, between La Mancha and Sierra Morena, Villamanrique is a place to rest, to get carried away by its particular landscape and sunsets. A corner of the interior Spain, the Spain you don't know ... The Spain we would love you to know.

Villamanrique, with an approximate population of 1600 inhabitants, has a unique landscape, transition between the cereal plain of the Manchego steppe and the picturesque Paleozoic terrain of Sierra Morena. It is furrowed by numerous seasonal streams and flanked by castles and towers with centuries of history behind it.

Born-place and passage of the renowned Ruta del Quijote, Villamanrique and Campo de Montiel are lands where Spanish culture and literature has grown. Lands that have seen the birth of the immortal knight walking four centuries ago and that, today, has magnificent landscapes, with an artistic and natural heritage of the first order.

Land of the great poet JORGE MANRIQUE and Don Quixote’s route

The distinguished Church of San Andrés Apóstol observes with splendour the natural surroundings of the municipality. Other points such as "La Casa Grande", or also known as "La Casa de los Manrique", declared of cultural interest with the category of monument stand out next to this 16th-century parish church. In this house lived the poet Jorge Manrique, author of the famous work "Coplas a la muerte de su padre".

But not all are natural landscapes that fall in love with everyone who steps on the place, nor is it just history, literature and culture. The gastronomy of the town is based on the countryside, on its production, on the natural. In Villamanrique you can enjoy Spanish and Manchego cuisine in all its splendour and you will try dishes such as gazpacho manchego, miguelitos, migas, or pisto.

If what you are looking for is history. If what you are looking for is tranquillity. Villamanrique is, without a doubt, the perfect place for us to build your IMMERSIA experience together and thus spend your holidays, rest and learn Spanish in a true Spanish town.