Top 10 tips to learn Spanish faster

Easy peasy

If you entered this post expecting magic solutions to learn the language of Cervantes in 5 days, I am sorry to tell you that it is not possible. Whoever tells you otherwise and that thanks to [insert his miraculous method to learn Spanish here] you will be able to speak Spanish from one day to the next, is lying. But this does not have to disappoint you, quite the contrary.


Have you ever heard that a guitar prodigy learned in just a few weeks of rehearsal? Could you imagine an elite athlete preparing for the Olympics the month before? Exactly, mastery requires effort and dedication, but the process of learning a language can be wonderful and fascinating. Let's see 10 tips to make your trip much more enjoyable and productive:






Regardless of whether you are learning Spanish, another language, or anything else. It is essential that you establish a routine. Let's take an example: two days a week (Monday and Wednesday) I will invest them before going to school or work to listen to a podcast in Spanish, Tuesday and Thursday I will go to my grammar and vocabulary classes and on Sundays, I will watch the chapter in Spanish of my favorite tv series.


Routinely your ear and your brain would be in contact with the language and as it becomes a habit it will be less difficult for you to dedicate hours of study to improve your Spanish.


2. Patience. Holy patience:


Rome was not built in a day. Arm yourself with patience. You can handle it and more. If more than 500 million people speak this beautiful language, why not you?


Learning a language, and even more a complex and beautiful one like Spanish, is a complex task but you must take it as a challenge. You will see that as Antonio Machado said: “When you walk, the path is made” and there is no more beautiful path than the one that leads you to be able to open yourself to millions of people and cultures as diverse as those you will find under the umbrella of Spanish.


Patience, with effort and dedication, you will see the fruits.


3. Point and shoot. Identify short and long term goals:


When setting these goals, make sure they are as narrow as possible. In other words, we want to be able to measure and assess their compliance and, above all, that they are achievable and realistic.

Setting the goal of mastering 20 new words a week keeps you motivated in the short term and it is precisely these small goals that allow you to build long-term achievements, such as being able to read the newspaper in Spanish.



4.  Mix skills to further stimulate your learning. read in loud voice:


One way to combine reading and speaking is to practice reading aloud. Read graded readings at your level or any literature that fascinates you, and it can be out loud, better!

This way you will practice your intonation, your pronunciation, and your fluency while improving your concentration in reading.


5. Mix skills to further stimulate your learning. Make dictations:


"Listen to write", and that is exactly what dictations consist of. At you can find numerous dictations that allow you to practice this skill. You can also try to simply listen to a radio in Spanish or watch a movie and write what you hear: surely you can understand much more than you imagine! And you know ... Practice builds the teacher.


6. Decorate your home with post-its. You will not miss one:


Acquiring vocabulary is essential to advance in your fluency and fluency in a language like Spanish. Why not try putting labels on those objects that you haven't mastered yet?


7. Prepare your own memory cards!


Not all the vocabulary and phrases will be within the four walls of your house. Go ahead and start preparing your own bank of cards with words and phrases that you use the most in your day to day or those that most resist staying in your busy little head. A good refresher on public transport, meal breaks, or bedtime will do wonders for your memory.




8. Consume culture that you are passionate about in Spanish:


Read great authors of Spanish literature, meet great works by Spanish authors and Spanish-speaking countries. Do you have Netflix? Take a look at Mexican productions like La Casa de las Flores or Monarca, or Spanish series like La Casa de Papel. Dare to consume movies, series, books in your free time. If you need subtitles, use them, it is about improving our spoken and heard Spanish, but always enjoying it!


9. Get social and get involved in Hispanic communities!


Surely in your neighborhood or in your city, there are Spanish food restaurants, language exchange centers, and a thousand other ways to get your Spanish in shape, the Spanish way!

Spaniards are very given to celebrate and get together with a good meal and drinks. Try it, you will see how your fluidity and joy are unleashed.


10. Visit a Spanish-speaking country and put your Spanish into practice:


With a few hours of temporary study from time to time it is not enough to master a language perfectly, once you have created a learning plan and have completed it, the next step is LIVE SPANISH!


At IMMERSIA we realized this while learning other languages. Members of our team have studied English, French, Chinese and each of them agrees on one thing: having lived the culture and framework of the country of the language you study is essential to achieve professional command of Spanish (if not the wonderful academic vacations you will enjoy).


At IMMERSIA, based on this experience, we have built comfortable and effective packages for you to enjoy select destinations such as Dénia, Villamanrique or Seville. Classes in the best schools, dream accommodations and activities that will make your visit to Spain a decision that you will always remember with joy. If you want more information about these packages contact us here.



GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR PROCESS! If you have any doubts or questions about how to improve your Spanish, do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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