5 things we love about Spain as a destination to learn Spanish

When we think of Spain it is customary to think of cultural and gastronomic elements that stereotype the essence of the country, and don't get us wrong, who doesn't like a good sangria or a delicious paella? However, visit the corner of Spain you visit will not fail to surprise you many things that are Spain. Spain is passion, it is culture, it is art, it is nature, it is a company, it is technology, it is diverse ... Spain is unique. For this reason, we want you to discover each and every one of the wonders of our country and we want to share with you the things that we like the most (and we are convinced that you will love them).

#1 At the end of June, the sun goes down in Finisterre at 22:20. In Spain there is a debate about the correction of your time zone that affects considerably long days, which although they shorten the darkness for rest is a blessing for the terrace.


#2 Are you passionate about museums? The Prado Museum in Madrid is the benchmark in terms of national and international art, history and culture. But in Spain there are other museums as exciting as the only underwater museum in Europe (located in Lanzarote) while in Cartagena (Murcia) you can visit one of the two monographic museums of underwater archeology that exist in the world.

#3 Spain is well known for its nature. Did you know that according to UNESCO Spain is the country with the most Biosphere Reserves in the world? In total, it has 49 protected assets. The second would be Russia with 45 goods. (Source: UNESCO)

#4 In 2004 UNESCO created the Creative Cities Network to promote cooperation to and between cities that identify creativity as a strategic factor in sustainable urban development. Spain is a country with a high cultural and creative tradition and has numerous cities within the Creative Cities Network. Here we highlight Burgos and Dénia as Creative Gastronomic Cities where you can enjoy an unprecedented culinary culture. Without a doubt, Spain is a country where traditional food and innovation go hand in hand. Bon Appetite!

#5 Spain has sea and mountains for all audiences and, on numerous occasions, sea and mountains embrace each other, drawing beautiful landscapes worthy of many likes on Instagram (or in your hearts).

#BONUS According to the Spanish Ministry of Culture, "Every year Spain is the destination chosen by thousands of students from all over the world to learn Spanish."

And the truth is that this does not comes as a surprise. Spain is diversity, land of mountains and waves. Due to its great tourist tradition, Spain has a series of tourist and cultural resources that allow the students who visit us to learn in a quick, simple and fun way. And it is that to learn one of the most spoken and important languages ​​in the world, nothing better than a modern, advanced country, with an enviable quality of life, full of joy, customs and traditions that will make time fly by during your stay . In our country you will find a modern and advanced country, possessing an enviable quality of life. And on the other, a country that loves its customs and deep traditions. Without a doubt, it will be the ideal place to learn the language of Cervantes and his famous knight Don Quixote de la Mancha.