Best way to learn Spanish: 3 pro tips for extrovert students


Are you a Spanish student and want to optimize your time and resources? Do you want to learn Spanish not only faster but better? There is not always an exact answer to this question. It is a broad question that allows us to recommend a series of possible solutions depending on the type of student you are.

We are all different. Some people learn Spanish simply by memorizing vocabulary and typical conversations, others like to break vocabulary into groups and discover the history and origins of words, while some prefer to get caught up in a good novel or watching their favourite series on Netflix.

In our post 10 TIPS FOR LEARNING SPANISH FASTER, we give you the best ways to practice Spanish and put your knowledge of Spanish to work. If you do not consider yourself an especially extrovert person, take a look also at the content that we make available to you there. If you are an extrovert, look at it anyway, it all adds up!

Our opinion? All forms of study are valid, you just have to know yourself, however, let's see the best ways in which you can focus your learning of Spanish from today if you are a truly extroverted person!

1. Make Spanish-speaking friends!


This is a brilliant way to expand your horizons, not only regarding the Spanish language, but also its culture.

Without realizing it you will learn and it is really very fun to meet people from different worlds than yours. Activities as simple as sharing a meal, having some tapas in a bar or simply taking an informal walk in a park will open up many skills that you cannot develop sitting at your desk.


This option is, of course, ideal for those more extrovert students. You can't go wrong making friends with the locals. Our family accommodation option is a great way to do this, where you can live with a Chinese family and build lifelong friendships.

It is known to all that Spaniards have a reputation for being incredibly welcoming and friendly, so don't hesitate: #IntroduceASpaniardInYourLife.


2. Study anywhere, anytime!


Let's face it, we are in an age where everything is at hand. Web and mobile applications allow us to study Chinese like never before.

Duolingo or iTalkie are just two excellent applications that you can download and start using immediately, but we especially recommend those web applications that allow you to have conversations with natives.

Take advantage of your free time to talk and test your listening and speaking skills with natives of Spain or Latin America, make friends, meet other cultures and talk, talk, talk!



If you have a tight schedule, and let's say you need a certain level of Spanish for a new job, or for your studies, then immersion in Spain is the most effective option and the only one that you should consider if you really want to optimize your time.

Getting caught up in the "tourist bubble" in Spain is something easy to do in bigger cities like Madrid, Barcelona or Malaga, making the dive much easier to visit in places like Dénia, Villamanrique or capitals like Seville.

In your language immersion program, you have to make sure that you will have a teaching team that will accompany you throughout your stay. You should also worry about having a set of activities that will ensure that your stay is unforgettable and that allow you to fully exploit the knowledge of the classroom.

Only by living the language can you take off and feel how your skills rise like foam.

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