Learn Spanish with songs: Rosalía

Today at Immersia we start a series of articles to learn Spanish with songs. The first artist to jump on stage to help you deepen your knowledge of this language is none other than Rosalía, a world-famous singer thanks to her single ‘Malamente’ that is part of the album ‘El mal querer’.

Studying a language with music is a very popular technique among students since it is easier to get familiar with grammar and memorize vocabulary thanks to the rhythm, catchy letters, and repeated choruses.

Did you know that when we listen to music the same area of ​​the brain is activated as when we study a foreign language? For that reason, it is not surprising that a good melody or intoning words with rhythm facilitates the understanding of Spanish. And also the activities related to songs make the study much more entertaining and we pay more attention.

A way to get acquainted with the Spanish culture

Music is one of the most powerful cultural expressions. That is why it is such a valuable tool when learning Spanish and understanding the structure and vocabulary of the language. Our goal is for you to study and acquire language skills while meeting artists from countries around the Hispanic world.

Rosalía's most famous songs

As we have indicated at the beginning of this article, Rosalía will be our first guest artist. We have selected the following songs to learn Spanish with her discography: "Catalina", "Juro Que "," Aunque Es De Noche "," Malamente "and" Con Altura ".

Have you ever looked for the lyrics of a song in Spanish to practice the language? At Immersia we have prepared a series of PDF documents with an academic methodology. Do not worry, we provide you with the lyrics and the activities to follow. You can download the PDF with the lyrics and the exercises by clicking here or in the picture down below.

The process of learning Spanish with songs

First of all, choose a song and a singer that catches your attention. Rosalía is a renowned artist thanks to the success of ‘Malamente’. Some say that the singer has become a benchmark for the young new Spanish learners. The truth is that Rosalía's success at the 2018 Latin Grammy ceremony was indisputable and has put her in the international super artist sphere!

Among the activities to learn Spanish with songs that we propose in our PDF are the following:

  • Listen to the chosen topic and see if you then identify what is missing in the sentences that are incomplete in your booklet.
  • Translate the highlighted words in red in each song.
  • Understand the most colloquial expressions or turns highlighted in yellow.
  • Create your own vocabulary booklet.


And here ends our article on how to learn Spanish with songs by Rosalía. Do not hesitate to take a look at our exercises and start practicing whenever you want. And if you feel like immersing yourself fully in the Spanish language and culture, you can always sign up for one of our language immersion programs in Spain!

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