Levels of Spanish Language: Which is my level?

Which is your Spanish level?

Today at Immersia we want to talk about the different levels of Spanish that you can achieve during your learning process. As you know, from our team we are committed to providing our students with a wide and personalized educational offer. To achieve this goal, it is important that you are clear about your starting point and where you want to go.

Spanish is rich and varied. Traveling to Spain choosing one of the Immersia destinations can help you become familiar with the language in a way you never thought possible while soaking up the culture, gastronomy, and natural beauty of the country.

But, of course, before selecting one of our programs and packing your suitcase to come here you have to be aware of your level of Spanish so that our teachers can guide you when it comes to deepening the language. Pay attention!

  • Level A1 or Elementary: As its name indicates, this level is for beginners. It is about learning to use common expressions and simple phrases that help you to function in a daily conversation. Introducing yourself, knowing the parts of the house, or asking for an address are some of the language skills you can acquire.
  • Level A2 or Basic: Here we enter a more personal terrain since the objective is for you to talk about yourself. Your family, your hobbies, or the places you would like to visit are some of the topics that you should emphasize in this phase of the study. As in level A1, you will communicate with short and direct phrases or expressions.
  • Level B1 or Intermediate: Reading comprehension comes into play at this point. But don't worry because in essence you will be faced with fairly standardized texts that will teach you to express yourself about events, opinions, or interests.
  • Level B2 or Advanced: At level B2 the complexity of texts and conversations increases. You will be able to talk about both concrete and abstract topics and you will be able to dialogue with native speakers with some fluency as well as write or read texts of various kinds.
  • Level C1 or higher: Having a C1 level of Spanish implies that you can understand facts and express opinions, both orally and in writing, using expressions in Spanish in a natural way within the appropriate context.
  • C2 or native level: Obviously, reaching this level of improvement requires time, dedication, and practice. If you succeed it will mean that you can speak Spanish as well as anyone born in Spain or Latin America.

Now that you have a summary of the skills that you will develop in the different levels of Spanish, it will be easier for you to choose the language program that best suits you. And if you have any questions, you can always go to the Immersia teaching team!

Do you want to know what your level of Spanish is? Choose one of our Spanish courses and one of our teachers will evaluate your level to prepare the classes in the best way!